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  • A rich guy wants to take a model to his private house for the weekend to have some fun but it all goes wrong. The movie starts with an awesome car chase when a group thugs try to mess with a woman, Diane, and her rich date, Harry. What they didn't know is that the woman knows her cars and certainly knows how to drive. After driving the thugs into the water, the leader cant take it that he's been outdriven by a female so he wants bloody revenge. Harry stops to drop off some sweet moonshine for two drunkards, but oddly enough Harry leaves his beautiful car where the thugs can find it easy. Soon after arriving at his house, Harry watches and takes pictures of Diane taking a shower in a hidden room that she doesn't know about. While all this is happening, Lep is getting directions from one of the drunks to Harry's place. After Diane is done taking a cool shower, harry expects to get some when she refuses Harry gets mad and tells her to pack and get out. After taking a walk, Harry feels bad and says sorry but by then its to late the gang members are there and ready to have some good ol' fun. After playing mind games with Harry and Diane the gang members trash the house and break everything from a toilet to a desk lamp. Diane cant take it anymore so she gives them their own kind of medicine. Death Weekend is a really good action revenge movie that keeps you entertained to the end. -- Me
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