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ARROW RECORDS present the original soundtrack to Joe D'Amato's haunting and dreamlike Italian horror film DEATH SMILES ON A MURDERER.

Previously unpublished on vinyl, BERTO PISANO’s score is a diverse selection of captivating compositions which moves from achingly beautiful love themes (which tastefully employ strings, trumpet and EDDA DELL’ORSO’s ethereal vocals) to darkly morbid suspense cues augmented with off-kilter percussion and fuzz guitar.

This double gold vinyl edition, limited to 1000 units, has been newly mastered from the original analogue tapes by JAMES PLOTKIN and is presented on 180 gram wax, housed inside a 350 gsm sleeve. Featuring newly commissioned artwork by GILLES VRANCKX, and accompanying liner notes by STEPHEN THROWER.

  • Original Music by Berto Pisano



A1. La Morte Ha Sorriso All'assassino A2. Greta A3. Greta (Versione 2)A4. Dr Kinski A5. Visita A Greta A6. La Bara A7. Terrificanti Apparizioni A8 Esperimenti Del Dr Kinski - Parte 1 B1. Great (Versione 3) B2. Festa Per Greta B3. Esperimenti Del Dr Kinski - Parte 2 B4. Greta (Versione 4)B5. Visita A Greta (Versione 2) B6. Visita A Greta (Versione 3) C1. Greta E Scomparsa C2. Una Splendida Festa di Morte - Parte 1 C3. Festa Per Greta (Versione 2) C4. Dolorosi Ricordi E Morte Al Cimitero C5. Visita A Greta (Versione 4) C6. Greta (Versione 5) C7. Greta (Versione 6) D1. Greta (Versione 7) D2. Greta (Versione 8) D3. Greta (Versione 9) D4. Visita A Greta (Versione 5) D5. Visita A Greta (Versione 6) D6. Greta (Versione 10)

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