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Mr. Gioretti (Chuck Katzakian) is a crime boss that never has any problems. If someone's in his way he just puts a killer on the case and death is the outcome. Suddenly all his killers are being murdered. One by one. Madame Lee (Mari Honjo) wants to take over and offers Gioretti a proposal, which he can't refuse ('coz the head of his driver lays in a basket presented to him). Her Death Machines are deadlier than everything. They also can't feel pain or get shot. She has injected them a special serum.

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The first job goes well but on the second job (in a Karate School) the target survives (they only cut up one arm). It seems the serum isn't working like it should be. The target: Frank Thomas (John Lowe) gets hospitalized and Lt. Clay Forrester (Ron Ackerman) is an old fox who tries a trick. He puts a policeman in front of the door and brings Frank into another room. The Death Machines fail again. What's next? Watch the movie.

A very good film. It's fun. Pure trash. We got: Martial Arts, Crime, Nudity, Great Dialogue, Good Actors, Bazookas, Bar Fights, Violence and much more. The music is cool too, 70's electronic synthesizer sounds. Loved the main melody. It's entertaining and fun.

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