Day of the Dead Character Profiles

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  • Quote: "Hello...Aunt Alicia"
  • Played by: Howard Sherman or Sherman Howard
  • Height: 6'1
  • Character Bio: "Bub", named after Dr. Logan's late father is perhaps the smartest zombie in the bunch. Prior memories and actions suggest that "Bub" was a former soldier and is the first real zombie to ever talk when Dr. Logan coaches him in speech and in formal activities.
  • Weapon of choice: Automatic Pistol

Captain Rhodes


  • Quote: "They're dead! They're fucking, dead! And you want to teach them tricks!"
  • Played by: Joseph Pilato
  • Height: 5'10
  • Character Bio: Took over a military operation generated to support a group of scientists that was assembled in order to eradicate or find a solution to the zombie pandemic that has ravaged the entire world. After Captain Cooper's demise, Rhodes took over this paramilitary operation that is in an underground missle silo in a remote location in Florida.
  • Weapon of choice: Two .357 Magnums - watch out!

Doctor Logan


  • Quote: "Reward is the key"
  • Played by: Richard Liberty
  • Height: 5'11
  • Character Bio: A highly skilled surgeon that has gone completely mad. Commonly refered as Dr. Frankenstein by his colleagues; Dr. Logan believes that the undead can be trained to make them behave , thus preventing them from craving human flesh. Though, hardly anyone agrees with his study or theory.
  • Weapon of choice: Drill

Private Steel


  • Quote: "Fucking A"
  • Played by: Gary H. Klar
  • Height: 6'3
  • Character Bio: Captain Rhode's strong-man and follower. Steel is without a doubt the most detestable human being in the group, swayed by the lack of women and excitement, this gruff individual searches for just that.
  • Weapon Of Choice: M16A Automatic Rifle & His Fists - watch out!

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