Daughters of Darkness/Soundtrack

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Original music by François de Roubaix

TRACK LISTING: 1.Daughters Of Darkness (Opening) 2.Love On The Rails 3.Red Lips 4.Arrival At The Manor 5.Countess Bathory (Halo) 6.Ballad In Bruges 7.The Countess And The Inspector 8.Tale Of Torture And Vampires 9.Valérie, Ilona And Stefaan 10.The Dunes Of Ostend, Flagellation 11.The Countess Kiss 12.The Countess Bite 13.The Phantom Organ and Piano 14.Pursuit On The Dunes Of Ostend 15.Accident And Cymbalum 16.Daughters Of Darkness (Ending) Bonus (Not Used In The Movie) 17.The Bruges Band 18.Dracula 68 Woodstock (Of Fish and Men)

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