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A series of murders take place in a remote European village which the locals believe to be the work of vampires and which the police dismiss as nonsense. The murders coincide with the arrival of the beautiful Luisa Karlstein (Britt Nichols) who has been summoned by the imminent death of her mother, Baroness Karlstein, who tells her daughter the family secret, that they are all vampires!

Loosely based on the classic Sheridan le Fenu short story Carmilla, Franco's tale of lesbianism and vampirism is, it must be said, a disjointed and hotch-potch affair filmed almost back-to-back with the The Erotic Rites of Frankenstein. Yet, despite its flaws, it maintains enough of Franco's classic languid and dreamlike otherworldliness to include it among Franco's classic titles.

Special Features: NEW Audio commentary by film historian Tim Lucas • Alternate safe footage (less sexually explicit) • Original Theatrical trailer

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