Date Bait

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Date Bait (1960, USA) is a Teensploitation film directed by O'Dale Ireland.

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Main Details

  • Released in 1960
  • Black and White
  • Production Co: Marathon Pictures
  • Distribution Co: The Filmgroup (1960) (USA) (theatrical)
  • Directed by O'Dale Ireland
  • Written by O'Dale Ireland, Ethelmae Wilson Page, Robert Slaven
  • Starring: Gary Clarke, Marlo Ryan, Dick Gering, Carol Dawne, Jon Lindon
  • Produced by George Caras, Nicholas Carras, O'Dale Ireland, George S. Reppas
  • Original Music by Nicholas Carras
  • Cinematography by Lawrence Raimond
  • Film Editing by Anthony DiMarco


  • AT SIXTEEN...a girl learns about love...ONE WAY OR THE OTHER!
  • WHEN YOU'RE TOO EAGER TO SAY "I WILL!" YOU'RE "DATE BAIT" (original print ad - all caps)
  • Too young to know...too wild to care...too eager to say, "I will!"


U.S. film. Delinquent teenage drama! Two confused teenagers are in love and want to get hitched, but their uptight parents say, "no way! The couple finds themselves on the sleazy side of town where they are victimized by the new bride's hoodlum ex-boyfriend and his psychotic drug-addicted brother! Big trouble! The teens must also contend with other assorted criminals, including drug dealers and mobsters! (Wikipedia)

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