Dangerous Charter

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Dangerous Charter (1962, USA) is an Adventure-Crime-Thriller film directed by Robert Gottschalk.


Main Details

  • Released on September 19, 1962
  • Color
  • Running time: 76 minutes
  • Production Co.: Gold Key Entertainment (presents) (as Gold Key Entertainment A Division of The Vidtronics Company, Inc.)
  • Distribution Co.: Crown International Pictures
  • Directed by Robert Gottschalk
  • Written by Paul Strait, from a story by Robert Gottschalk.

Plot Summary

  • The crew of a fishing boat discovers a deserted luxury yacht at sea with a dead body on board. They claim the yacht as salvage, not knowing that a drug smuggling ring has hidden $500,000 worth of heroin on the boat.


  • Forbidden Cargo!
  • Thrillingly Filmed in Panavision 35, Technicolor, Panasound
  • A nerve-shattering voyage with death lurking at every turn!
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