Cuban Rebel Girls

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Cuban Rebel Girls (1959, USA) is an Adventure docu-drama film directed by Barry Mahon.

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Main Details

  • Released in 1959
  • Running Time: 68 Min.
  • Distributed by Joseph Brenner Associates
  • Directed by Barry Mahon
  • Written by Errol Flynn.
  • Starring Errol Flynn, Beverly Aadland, Jackie Jackler, Marie Edmund


Cuban Rebel Girls is a 1959 semi-dramatic documentary B movie, notable for being the last on-screen performance of Errol Flynn. He stars with his girlfriend of the time, Beverly Aadland. It was written and narrated by Flynn, who was sympathetic to the Cuban revolution being led by Fidel Castro in its early phase. Errol Flynn arrives in Cuba on behalf of the Hearst Press, to do a series of articles on the revolution of Fidel Castro. He notices some changes in Cuba caused by the rebellion. He checks into a hotel and is contacted by one of Castro's agents, a female, who takes him to a beach resort. He meets a young man who offers to take Errol behind the lines to meet Castro. Flynn flies his own plane, meets the rebels, and files several articles, including one of the Cuban Rebel Girls. (Wikipedia)

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