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Crescendo (1970, UK) is a Horror film directed by Alan Gibson.

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Main Details

  • Released in 1970
  • Color
  • Distributed by Warner Brothers
  • Directed by Alan Gibson
  • Written by Alfred Shaughnessy & Jimmy Sangster
  • Starring Stefanie Powers, James Olson, Margaretta Scott, Jane Lapotaire


  • And . . . for Lovers of the Macabre
  • The night the loving ended and the killing began!


Crescendo is a 1970 British psychological thriller film directed by Alan Gibson and starring Stefanie Powers, James Olson and Margaretta Scott. It was made by Hammer Film Productions. Drawn to the spectacular south of France to research the late composer Henry Ryman, music student Susan Roberts (Stefanie Powers) encounters his son, drug-addicted Georges (James Olson) and his eccentric family. Investigating the haunting strains of an unfinished Ryman concerto leads Susan to discover an empty piano… and a brutally savaged mannequin! Georges tells her she’s the lookalike of his lost love. But Susan may not be the only one at the villa with an eerie doppelgänger. The film was released in the United States theatrically in the fall of 1972. In American theaters, it was paired with the Hammer vampire film Dracula A.D. 1972 starring Christopher Lee and Peter Cushing. (Wikipedia)

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