Creepshow 2/Soundtrack

From The Grindhouse Cinema Database

< Creepshow 2
  • Original Music by Les Reed And Rick Wakeman



A1. Welcome To Another Edition Of Creepshow A2. Old Chief Woodenhead A3. Benjamin A4. Cherished Treasures A5. Here To Do A Little Shopping B1. This Hair Is Gonna Get Me Paid & Laid B2. One More Step & BLAM! B3 Rock Candy B4. There Ain’t No Dust In Hollywood B5 War Paint B6. Tomahawk B7. Old Chief Woodenhead’s Revenge B8. May Your Spirit Rest, Old One B9. Venus Fly Trap B10. The Raft C1. “Help! It Hurts!” C2. “I’m Fast! I Can Make It!” C3. Hold Me C4. Love Theme / “I Beat You!” C5. No Swimming C6. The Hitchhiker D1.“You’re Seeing Things, Bitch” D2. Thanks For The Ride, Lady! D3 Shooting The Hitchhiker D4. You Killed Me! D5. “Till Next Issue, Try To Stay Scared”

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