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  • It's funny when I think back to seeing "Creepshow" for the first time. It was actually the first horror film that I had ever seen and it's no coincidence that George Romero would end up becoming my favorite director later in life. It was a pretty interesting experience looking back on it because it was much more than a movie that exposed me to horror films. It introduced the horror film, anthology film, and EC comics all at the same time which is something that I will always be in debt to Mr. Romero over. Luckily I had the chance to meet the man and tell him that in person a few years ago. But in all honesty this film is one of the greatest films of my generation and it's one of the greatest anthology movies of all time in the genre as well. It exemplifies the look of the EC comics that it was trying to recreate and that has been the standard since it was made. That really shows you not only how great of a film this is, but just how great of a director George Romero is as well. --Ed Demko
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