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  • Christopher Lee, who plays Dracula, and Herbert Lom, who plays Dr. Van Helsing, never saw each other during the filming. They shot all their joint scenes separately.
  • Director Jesus Franco's first choice for the role of Van Helsing was Vincent Price. He was not able to obtain Price due to his exclusive contract with American International Pictures and second choice Dennis Price was forced to withdraw through illness. Franco was able to get his third choice, Herbert Lom, for the role.
  • Although the producer claims that Klaus Kinski was hoodwinked into playing Renfield when producers gave him a script with a fake title, director Jesus Franco says this was not true.

Alternate Versions

  • A 90-minute US version has the church-choir music removed from the climactic scenes, and tighter editing of those scenes.
  • German Import DVD has a Super-8mm Version (German language only), as a special feature on the disc.
  • German DVD includes the scene of a gypsy woman, deleted from the US version.
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