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  • I wanted to like this, but can't. It was filmed in The Early 70's, a prime time for films like this, and it was an attempt for Adult Film Producer Bill Osco (Mona, Hollywood Blue, Flesh Gordon, Alice in Wonderland) to move into R-Rated Exploitation, but sadly there were things which worked against it. One of the major things which did not work was Osco's acting, which proved that he was not the type to play a wimpy character that gets caught up in the deal as he looks more like someone that just whines and would be more comfortable in some 70's Beach flick. Jason Williams is great as a manic tough guy you can't like, possibly as he was struggling to be an actor and thinking that this was going to be a break for him, but the film's potential to work through his performance is ruined by Osco's presence. The second major thing that went wrong was the music - The music on the trailer is nowhere to be heard in the film, instead in most parts it's some limp music that would have been better off in some boring "Going Back to Nature" Drama, and that was what ruined it the most, while some of the weak editing (Especially when Ray attacks the cop in the store. A nomination in the Worst Editing category for my viewing experiences in 2008) and moments like noticing a soundman in the back of a car and the microphone under Osco's shirt all add to the pain in viewing it. The film was produced at a time when the better-remembered Flesh Gordon was in hiatus (waiting for the completion of the animation sequences) and when there was some thoughts in going into more general Exploitation, but after a poor performance in it's first run, it went into the hands of some people from General National Enterprises (The same company who handled Osco's Alice in Wonderland, obviously the ones who added on the great music for the trailer to this film) and went from there to the world of VHS. It could have been a contender, and the Ice Cream Truck scenes and Rick Baker's special effects are now among some of the most noted moments on it's release on DVD, but Cop Killers wound up a major loser in the otherwise legendary career of Bill Osco. --Screen13
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