Convicts Women

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Convicts Women (1970, USA) is a Women In Prison film directed by John Hayes, Henning Schellerup.

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Main Details

  • Released in 1970
  • Color
  • Running Time: 75 Min.
  • Production Co: BIP
  • Distribution Co: Boxoffice International Pictures | Marden Films (1973) (Canada) (theatrical)
  • Directed by John Hayes, Henning Schellerup
  • Written by Edward M. Wingfield
  • Starring Ric Lutze, Ralph Wain, Myron Griffin, Candy Samples, Steven Sommers
  • Produced by C. Roger Hiller, Harry H. Novak


  • What they wanted was on the outside
  • Willing girls become slaves to a convicts lust!


Two convicts serving time on the county prison farm overpower a guard and take his gun. Armed, BUDDY (Harvey Cross) and ZACK (Ralph Wainwright) shoot their way out and flee across the countryside, robbing. a liquor store along the way. Too long without women, their starved emotions cause them to try and rape a farm girl they have met in their flight. A blast from the farmer's shotgun sends them hightailing into the woods. Zack has been hit in the leg by the buckshot and has trouble keeping up with Buddy. Their appetite for the opposite sex has been whetted by the incident but is a long way from being satisfied, as their conversation discloses. At a picnic grove in the same woods, THOMAS BROWN (Timothy Neusse), a teacher, and his wife CARLOTTA (Vivian Andresen), are chaperoning four lovely teen-age girls on a school picnic...(OneSheetIndex)

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