Confessions of a Summer Camp Counselor/Fun Facts

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  • Filmed at a genuine holiday camp out of season during February and March.
  • The voice of Blackbird, played by Nicola Blackman, was provided by an uncredited Miriam Margolyes. She has also said that, although she filmed topless scenes, full nude scenes were a body double.
  • In the closing scenes the next film Confessions of a Plumber's Mate is signposted by the dialogue. When the Confessions series was terminated following poor takings for Holiday Camp, producer Stanley Long picked up th idea for his film Adventures of a Plumber's Mate (1978)
  • Robin Askwith doubles for Lance Percival in the water-skiing scene.
  • Linda Hayden, originally Timmy's fiancée in Confessions of a Window Cleaner (1974) returns here, this time playing a completely different character, French co-worker, Brigitte.
  • The three mourners are all played by real-life siblings of lead actress Doris Hare.
  • Jack 'Kid' Berg appears in publicity material for the film, but not in the film itself.
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