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In an attempt to negotiate the return of her brother to their father, the General, Golden Swallow (Cheng Pei-Pei) finds herself caught in a skirmish with the bandit gang that is holding him captive. Aided by the advice of Drunken Cat (Hua Yueh), she escapes the bandit gang's ambush that night at the inn. When poisoned later in the film she'll once again need to enlist the aid of the Drunken Cat, who turns out to be more than he seems. The two of them join forces in an attempt to carry out the rescue of her brother.

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Come Drink With Me is a solid wuxia film that revolutionized the use of wire-fu, a trend that didn't truly catch fire until Yuen Woo-Ping's Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon choreography over 30 years later. The film is entertaining throughout, despite some strange departures from the plot, usually to incorporate a musical number from the Drunken Cat and his children's choir. The fight choreography is original and creative despite Cheng's lack of ability with the sword. Coming from a dance background, Cheng's past training gives her a natural grace and Hsing-lung Chiang's clever editing preserves the rhythm of the action, despite Cheng's somewhat awkward swordplay. Hua Yueh's performance is delightful, as he bounces from drunken raconteur to pedigreed warrior, trading his tavern songs for power over the elements when he reveals his true abilities. The film clips along at a quick pace and the script, which certainly doesn't fill much of the running time, is passable once the action scenes slow down. The film is ambitious in scope and it's effective mixture of music, action and comedy is helped along by strong commitment from the film's stars. Overall, Come Drink With Me is an innovative classic that endures despite it's few weaknesses.

Reviewed by Dr Timberlane

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