Cleopatra Jones

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Main Details

  • Released in 1973
  • Color
  • Running Time: 89 Min.
  • Production Co: Warner Bros. Pictures
  • Distribution Co: Warner Bros. Pictures (1973) (USA) (theatrical)
  • Directed by Jack Starrett
  • Written by Max Julien & Sheldon Keller
  • Starring Tamara Dobson, Shelley Winters, Paul Koslo, Bernie Casey, Brenda Sykes, Antonio Fargas


  • She's "Ten Miles of Bad Road" For Every Hood in Town!
  • 6 feet 2" and all of it Dynamite!
  • Cleo teaches drug traffickers the meaning of saying no!


Cleopatra Jones was made by Warner Brothers following the success of the Shaft series and AIP's films like Coffy. It opened at a time when the Black Power Movement, Black Arts Movement, second-wave feminism, and an increasingly growing black feminism were all prevalent. From this social context emerged the desire for a black heroine who appealed to women through a combination of alluring femininity, female strength, and combat skill. The film depicts the harsh reality of the black ghetto, but also portrays a united community whose members help and support one another. Although Cleopatra Jones contains themes relating specifically to the Black Power and feminist movements, it appeals to the general public and is said to be the “first blaxploitation film to use martial arts as part of its promotion.” It appeals to audiences who enjoy action movies (such as the James Bond series). (Wikipedia)

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