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  • Each German release of this feature was banned over the course of 20 years. The movie was first released on video with the title "Ein Zombie hing am Glockenseil" (A Zombie Hung on the Bell Rope) in 1982. It was banned in 1986 and a second video with the title "Ein Toter hing am Glockenseil" (A Dead Body Hung on the Bell Rope) was released, with several cuts. Even that version was banned in 1988 and a final version was released with the title "Eine Leiche hing am Glockenseil" (A Corpse Hung on the Bell Rope) and was heavily cut without any gory scenes left. Rumor has it that the video distributors actually designed a new video release called "Ein Kadaver hing am Glockenseil" (A Cadaver Hung on the Bell Rope) in case this third version gets banned as well. Not surprisingly, this third version was also banned in 2001.
  • Cameo: Michele Soavi - The Italian film director appears as a young man whose date vomits up her internal organs and then has the back of his skull ripped out.
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