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  • The footage of the trapeze act featured in the film (complete with inter-cuts of audience reaction) is identical to that in John Llewellyn Moxey's Psycho-Circus (1966).
  • The song "Look for a Star", used throughout the film during the circus sequences, became a hit pop recording in Great Britain (for Garry Mills) and the United States (for the similarly named Garry Miles). It was written by the young Tony Hatch under his regular pseudonym of Mark Anthony.
  • The clowns are dressed as Keystone Cops in one of the scenes.
  • The circus used in this movie was that of Billy Smart's Circus, one of the three big tenting circuses in the United Kingdom at the time of filming.
  • The external scenes were filmed on Clapham Common.
  • First full length feature film directed by Sidney Hayers.
  • The circus where much of the action was filmed belonged to Billy Smart. The boards on the ringside seats, which are in front of the perimeter track and the ring-fence have Billy Smart's initials (BS) on them. Presumably this why Anton Diffring's character has the same initials in order to save the expense of replacing the boards with either nothing on them or have fresh ones made with different letters should Differing have plaid a character with another name.
  • Tony Hatch originally wrote the theme song for the Norman Wisdom film Follow a Star (1959), but it wasn't used, so Hatch changed the title to "Look For A Star".
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