Churchill's Leopards

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Churchill's Leopards (1970, Italy) is a Macaroni Combat War film directed by Maurizio Pradeaux.


Main Details

  • Released 1970 | Eastmancolor
  • Directed by Maurizio Pradeaux
  • Starring Richard Harrison, Pilar Velasquez, Klaus Kinski, Frank Braña

Also Known As

  • I Leopardi di Churchill (Italy, original title)
  • Churchills Leoparden (Germany)
  • Commando Attack
  • The Dirty Dam Busters


A British commando team heads into France to blow up a German held dam in preparation for D-Day, while a British officer infiltrates the German garrison, posing as his recently dead German twin brother, in order to provide help from the inside. The German commander is, however, becoming very suspicious. (Wikipedia)

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