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In a small town, a young man named Shen Wai Ta (Shen Wei Min) is bullied by his fiance's brother. In an act of self defense, he accidentally kills the brother because of his supernatural Kung Fu strength. Shen Wai Ta runs away, now a murderer on the lam. He sits near the ocean and curses his strength and takes a large boulder and bashes his hands (the focus of his chi) with it until they are busted up and bleeding. He swears to never raise a Kung Fu fist in anger ever again! He decides to change his name to Chung San and he finds work at a dock on the coast. After some rice is stolen from the business by some local tramps, the owner arrives with his posse and a Kung Fu fight breaks out. Chung San shows some of his skills but gets beat up because he doesn't go into full on "death mode". In an act of peace, he offers his own pay to cover the stolen property but is still beaten down anyways along with the others. Soon after, an evil criminal named Boss Chan arrives looking to use the docks as a port to bring in drugs. His main bodyguard is Chiang Tai (Bolo Yeung/Yang Sze). The evil boss begins spreading fear through the rice business by having Chiang Tai beat anyone down who dares question him including the rice business owner, who he soon kills. The workers realize there's only one man who can save them from this "Chinese Hercules", its the coward Chung San or Shen Wai Ta.


Chinese Hercules isn't what you'd call an all out classic, but its a decent martial arts film from the early 70s. There's not a lot in it that makes it unique really. It's pretty much your standard 70s martial arts story where the shamed loner finds himself and saves the day. The real standout is Bolo Yeung of course who kicks much ass and actually has a few lines to say besides just his trademark grunts! Chinese Hercules was the film after Enter The Dragon that turned him into a breakout star.


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