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X-Rated Kult Video is a German home video label distributed by VZ-Handelsgesellschaft, ELEA and LFG. They specialize in rare, european, banned and collector's releases. Most of their releases are limited and numbered, often later re-released as regular releases and again re-released in ultra-limited special collector's items etc.


Some select recent and upcoming titles

Also: X-Rated Giallo Collection, Italowestern Reihe, Joe D'Amato Collection, X-Rated book boxes series, all numbered, e.g.

  • X-Rated #323 Der Schwarze Leib der Tarantel (Cover A) Blu-ray = Giallo #36

This page is under construction. See below a growing list of titles they released, alphabetical by GCDb page. Please note that they release titles several times, but we might only have a few issues listed, please let us know if we are missing any.

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