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  • The set used for the Partmiter home, where 'Joanna Miles' 's character has her head set ablaze by a "bug" on the phone receiver, was the same set at Paramount Studios in Hollywood as the one used for the interior of the Brady home in ABC-TV's "The Brady Bunch" (1969). Due to very poor ratings, the series had been canceled in 1974, a few months before filming on this film began. Since this film's release in 1975, "The Brady Bunch" became a ubiquitous hit in syndication, and the set has become easily recognizable to several generations of classic TV watchers, even though the set was altered for use in this film.
  • Most of the cockroach models used in this production were made by Karoly Fogassy, whose day job was a Technical Illustrator at the University of California at Riverside. For years afterward, visitors to his studio on campus were treated to the stares of the creepy bugs.
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