Bruce Lee in New Guinea

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Bruce Lee in New Guinea (1978, HK) is a Brucesploitation-Martial Arts film directed by CY Yang.

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Main Details

  • Released in 1978
  • Color
  • Running Time: 98 Min.
  • Distributed by Four Seas
  • Directed by C. Y. Yang
  • Starring Bruce Li, Sing Chen, Danna, Alan Ellerton, Chin-kun Li

Also Known As

  • Ji Neoi Juk Ciu (HK)
  • She nu yu chao (HK)
  • L' Oeil du Cobra (French)
  • Big Boss à Bornéo (French)
  • Bruce Lee à Bornéo (French)
  • Bruce Lee en Nouvelle Guinée (French)
  • Das Geheimnis der Todesschlange


  • Join Bruce Li in the jungles of New a life and death struggle with the Serpent Wizard!
  • See the magic of the Golden Snake Rings and the Power of the Snake Pearl!


The tribe of a remote island worships the legendary Snake Pearl. Two masters of kung fu visit the isle and discover they must defend the daughter of the murdered chief against a evil wizard. (IMDB)

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