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  • The film received two nominations and no awards. Isela Vega was nominated for Best Actress (Mejor Actuación Femenina) at the Ariel Awards in Mexico, losing to Pilar Pellicer for La Choca. In 1981, the film was nominated for Best Foreign Film by The Turkish Film Critics Association (SIYAD), losing to Federico Fellini's Amarcord, which was originally released in 1973.
  • Ranked #15 on Entertainment Weekly's "Guilty Pleasures: Testosterone Edition" (#927, March 30, 2007, as part of the article "Bloodbath and Beyond", about Grindhouse.) The magazine wrote, "Sam Peckinpah's most nihilistic film - no small feat - stars Warren Oates as a sleazy gringo messing with the wrong guys on the wrong side of the border."
  • This was the only Sam Peckinpah film that he had final cut on, since all his other films had been re-cut by the studios.
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