Brides of Dracula

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Main Details

  • Released in 1960 | Color | Running Time: 85 Min.
  • Production Co: Hammer Films | Distribution Co: Universal Pictures
  • Directed by Terence Fisher
  • Written by Jimmy Sangster, Peter Bryan & Edward Percy
  • Starring Peter Cushing, Freda Jackson, Martita Hunt, Yvonne Monlaur, Miles Malleson, Henry Oscar, David Peel, Victor Brooks, Mona Washbourne, Michael Ripper, Andree Melly
  • Produced by Anthony Hinds & Anthony Nelson-Keys
  • Original Music by Malcolm Williamson
  • Cinematography by Jack Asher
  • Film Editing by Alfred Cox & James Needs

Also Known As

  • Les Maitresses De Dracula (France) | Las Novias De Dracula (Spain) | Le Spose De Dracula (Italy) | Dracula: Blodtörstig Vampyr (Sweden) | Dracula Und Seine Bräute (Germany) | O Exorkistis Tou Drakoula (Greece) | As Noivas de Drácula (Brazil)


  • He turned innocent beauty into unspeakable horror! | The most evil Dracula of all!


The Brides of Dracula is a 1960 British Hammer Horror film directed by Terence Fisher. It is a sequel to Hammer's original Horror of Dracula (USA: Horror of Dracula) (1958). Alternative working titles were Dracula 2 and Disciple Of Dracula. Dracula does not appear in the film (Christopher Lee would reprise his role in the 1966 Dracula: Prince of Darkness) and is mentioned only twice, once in the prologue, once by Van Helsing.

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