Body of a Female

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Body of a Female (1965, USA) is a Sexploitation film directed by John Amero and Michael Findlay.

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Main Details

  • Released in 1965
  • Black and White
  • Running Time: 71 Min.
  • Production Co: Amlay Pictures
  • Distribution Co: Joseph Brenner Associates (1965) (USA) (theatrical) | Peerless Films (1968) (Canada) (theatrical)
  • Directed by John Amero and Michael Findlay
  • Written by John Amero, Michael Findlay
  • Starring Lem Amero, Jack Ballard, Jean Cloud, Michael Findlay, Roberta Findlay
  • Produced by John Amero (as J. Ellsworth), Michael Findlay (as Julian Marsh)
  • Film Editing by Michael Crane


  • Boldly explores the bizarre twilight world of abnormal sexual behavior!
  • A Story of The Whip And The Flesh!

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