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Whilst the concept of people turning into beady-eyed, hairless psychopaths ten years after taking a drug can sometimes be hilarious, Blue Sunshine is a surprisingly thrilling film. Zalman King turns in a fine performance (half of that probably having something to do with his striking likeness to Sean Penn) as a man on the run from the law for a crime he didn't commit. Suspected of murder, he must prove his innocence and discover what happened to a good friend of his the night he turned crazy. As mentioned earlier, the hairless psychopaths who ten years previously took a drug known as Blue Sunshine can sometimes be eerily terrifying and sometimes ridiculously funny. But never does it distract from the enjoyment of the film. Jeff Lieberman has crafted a very competent thriller, filled with interesting characters and scenarios. The title sequence, that sandwiches short clips with titles over a full moon, is particularly awesome. --Angel

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