Blue Eyes of The Broken Doll

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Blue Eyes of The Broken Doll (1974, Spain) is a Horror film directed by Carlos Aured.


Main Details

  • Released in 1973 | Color
  • Running Time: 90 Min.
  • Directed by Carlos Aured
  • Written by Jacinto Molina and Carlos Aured
  • Starring Paul Naschy, Diana Lorys, Eduardo Calvo, Eva Leon, Maria Perschy, Ines Morales

Also Known As

  • House of Psychotic Women (VHS title)
  • House of Doom (TV Edit)


Los Ojos Azules de la Muñeca Rota (Blue Eyes Of The Broken Doll) is a Spanish horror film from 1973 directed by Carlos Aured and starring Paul Naschy (who also co-wrote), Diana Lorys, Maria Perschy, and Eva Leon. The film was released on VHS as House Of Psychotic Women, and was shown on television as House of Doom (edited). The story concerns a drifter named Gilles (Naschy) who arrives in a French village looking for work. He soon gets a lift from a woman named Claude (Lorys) who sports a prosthetic hand, hiding a gruesome deformity. She gives him a job as a handyman at a large house owned by her and her two sisters: nymphomaniac redhead Nicole (Leon) and wheelchair-using Yvette (Perschy). Soon after he sets up doing chores around the grounds, Nicole takes a strong interest in him and Claude voices her disgust, while Yvette is tended to by a doctor and nurse. As these domestic events occur, a black-gloved killer is murdering blue-eyed women and gouging out their eyes, dropping them into a jar of water. Before too long Gilles is painted as a top suspect, due to a shady past involving his abuse of a former girlfriend, and the authorities pursue him. (Wikipedia)

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