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  • Shooting began October 21 1957, shortly before Hammer started filming "Horror of Dracula." Both features were scripted by Jimmy Sangster.
  • Magnetic Video's VHS release had excellent full color, released in 1978. In the 1980s it was thought that no good color print of the film had survived, but this release was being overlooked. Kodak Eastman color film was introduced in the 1950s and it was not designed to last more than a few short years, for what they called the normal circulation life of distributed films. As years went by everyone got angry at Kodak when the prints turned reddish. Kodak then in the 1980s improved it to last over 100 years. The original negative films did not fade, but they had to be transferred to positive prints for further releases.
  • Magnetic Video's edition is the first horror film released in the VHS format.
  • Victor Maddern got a headache from the extensive makeup he had to wear as the deformed hunchback Carl.
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