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  • The earliest version was Psycho a Go-Go, with new footage being added for Fiend with the Electronic Brain. After more footage was added it became Blood of Ghastly Horror.
  • Director Al Adamson filmed the first version, Echo of Terror, a straightforward heist movie, in 1964. Adamson and producer Sam Sherman could not interest any distributor in releasing the movie. Several new scenes were added in 1965 (some featured actor John Carradine) and the result was a more horrific, science-fiction themed version, Psycho A Go-Go. That version was also unreleasable. Allied Artists TV approached Sherman with a request for a color horror movie to add to their package of movies for sale to American TV stations. Adamson responded by filming new scenes that added a zombie and mad doctor subplot, featuring Tommy Kirk, Kent Taylor and Regina Carroll, and the vastly re-edited film was sold to TV as The Man With The Synthetic Brain. A few scenes were cut for TV (including a strangulation murder), but Adamson added the violence and gore into a theatrical version of Synthetic Brain, titled Blood of Ghastly Horror.
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