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  • Some long additional scenes of orgies played by a completely different group of actors were added in the French version of the film.
  • On several different-titled versions of the film (Incense For The Damned, The Pleasure Seekers and perhaps others), there is no director credit. On others, direction is credited to Michael Burrowes, a pseudonym for Hartford-Davis.
  • The two tabs of LSD that Francoise Pascal takes in the orgy sequence were really two aspirin
  • Although completed in 1969, Bloodsuckers did not get a general cinema release until 1971. Filming took place April-May 1969 (copyright 1969).
  • Director Robert Hartford-Davis refused to have anything to do with the film, stating that he did not believe it to be finished. The film was credited to Michael Burrowes.
  • Rob Zombie sampled the lines "Be quiet and sit down! I command you!" and "Let us beware of those who seek to possess our bodies and our minds. For the academic world dehumanizes us." for his song "Burn" from his 2010 album Hellbilly Deluxe 2: Noble Jackals, Penny Dreadfuls and The Systematic Dehuamnization Of Cool.
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