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  • Back in the days of VHS, this was one of THE tapes to rent, as there is clearly no other film like it. Before the great restored presentation by Something Weird Video, the easiest to find tape was released by Regal Video, who had a number of legendary ultra low budget videos sought after by renters looking for more Exploitation delirium, and it would not be hard to guess that this was one of their biggest hits. Through The 80's, the cult for this film spread big, possibly having more fans than Gritner's notorious craptastic film starring Veronica Lake released (Or should we say escaped) in 1970, Flesh Feast. Made in Florida, with Hawkes sadly still showing the burns on his arms after being injured on the set of a Faux-Tarzan film he was appearing in before, this really was true ultra low budget film making. Not only did Gritner cast Randy Gritner Jr. in a role, he also let him do the sound while Gil Ward was employed as both the Editor and the Music, listed in the Credits as "Music Written and Directed by..." (when really it was all just a basic Guitar-Bass-Drums set up) although there was no credit for the "Special Effects" or the classic Turkey Man look that make this film a hilarious treat. This is quite an experience for Exploitation Movie fans. --Screen13
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