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  • The film was originally slated to be a science fiction film, but complications in production forced it to be scrapped and Dardano Sacchetti was commissioned to write a new script. Since the film had already been announced (and was being sold) under the title "BlastFighter", it was kept the same.
  • Lucio Fulci was originally attached to direct, but eventually backed out to make The New Gladiators (1984).
  • Director Lamberto Bava stated in an interview that the story came to him while he was reading a newspaper in which an article told how, in American National parks, the game wardens were worse than the poachers and were selling off the animals. As he then went to America to shoot the movie, he realized that these parks were 'made more for men than animals; nobody could care less about the creatures!' Though no animals were hurt deliberately during the production of the movie - the shooting being stock footage -, a young deer died of heart failure whilst being moved in a cage from one place to another.
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