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Usually, the common method in most Exploitation Films is to exploit something in the film. In Black Moon Rising's case, it's not the car chases, it's not the actors and it's not the action scenes, it's John Carpenter's name! If you've seen the trailer for this film, you'll hear that Black Moon Rising is "from the mind of John Carpenter". The problem is I've heard that he wasn't involved in making this film. He gave them the title and sent in the script, but it was rejected so the only contribution to this film is the title.

Quint (Tommy Lee Jones) a former CIA agent is hired by the US government to steal a cassette tape and give it to them in the next few days. Unfortunately, Ringer, his opponent, tries to steal this tape too so Quint decides to hide the cassette in the back of the "Black Moon", a prototype car that runs on hydrogen. Later, Nina (Linda Hamilton) steals this car to deliver to a billionaire named Ryland so Quint must find it and the tape as soon as possible.


The plot is good but there are a few logical problems here. The one that I love is the fact that Quint becomes friends with Nina by the 007 method (talking and having sex). Then they trust each other just because of those two activities. Anyway, Tommy Lee Jones and Linda Hamilton's acting is pretty good and quite memorable.

Other details that stand out in this film are the soundtrack and the car. The music is by Lalo Schifrin who created the scores for Mission: Impossible, Dirty Harry and Enter The Dragon. It's not as classic as those but it's still catchy and captures the feelings of the 80's. And what about the car? Well, just look at it. I'm sure that no other era could make a car like this. It's the most 80's car that you could imagine.

Overall, this film has no (or a little) John Carpenter signature at all but it's very entertaining and people who grew up in the 80's are gonna love the atmosphere for sure. Recommended.


Nuttawut Permpithak hails from Thailand. He spends his free time watching exploitation films (or any films from the past) writing articles, taking photos and reviewing films for GCDb.

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