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Yet another women-in- prison movie shot in the Phillipines, however, this baby blows SAVAGE SISTERS and WOMEN IN CAGES outta the water. A hooker, Lee Daniels (Grier) and a revolutionary, Karen (Markov) are sent to a womans rehab prison (!) where the female warden has an eye for the girls. She spies on them playing water games in the shower via a secret peephole where the saucy bitch fondles herself, groaning! They don't call these films exploiters for nothing you know! The prison uniform consists of a long yellow teeshirt that just about covers the inmates knickers, they are quite fetching. Anyway, Lee and Karen don't get along and start a foodfight. They are put in a metal sweat-box known as THE OVEN out in the hot sun. After getting their buns baked they are transported to a maximum security prison but manage to escape, chained together as the female counterparts to Tony Curtis and Sidney Poitier in THE DEFIANT ONES (58). These ladies are the sexiest, long-legged prison escapees you are ever likely to see and are helped by Karen's guerilla fighting friends who wan't to set the island free. Fatty Vic Diaz plays,erm,Vic who is after smack money owed to him by Lee before she got banged up. He says," I have more whores humping in my houses,should one bitch matter"! Enter Sid Haig and his greasy gringo cowboys who are also after the girls along with the cops. The hunt dogs (more like pups) are on their tails but Karen, being very clever , puts her panties on a pup (!) who runs through the bush to throw off their scent (!). The guerillas meet the gringos head to head and shoot each other to pieces, with the gringos in second place. Lee collects her dollars but poor Karen gets shot in slow-motion. I love this flick. It had it all, you know? 8 knickers out of 10. --Mark Banville

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