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Sgt. Kicks Carter (Brown) and cop pal Tony are staking out 'Queens Castle' which is a front for a drug/extortion/sex shop racket. Enter a bloated Russ Tamblyn (TOM THUMB, THE HAUNTING) as Ziggy. He's hanging out at the Hunt Rooms club and endures an awful piano act courtesy of Adamson's real wife Regina Carrol. Lame sex scenes sloppily cut to unexciting car chases in which Tony dies. However, there is great footage of the Vegas casino lights at night!! There's a big gun deal going down and Kicks gets help from an informer pal who suggests he keeps a low profile. Kicks reply ' IF I TURN SIDEWAYS JACK YOU WON'T EVEN SEE MY BLACK ASS!'. Tony's girl gambles at cards with some sweaty,beer guzzling scumbags. She bets to take them all on if she loses and, oh no, it's line up and take a ticket time. What do they say - DON'T WRITE CHEQUES WITH YOUR MOUTH YOUR ASS CAN'T CASH !! Ziggy makes a house call and smashes a guy and his van up with a sledge hammer before running over his legs! Not a lot makes sense in this movie but it is an Al Adamson flick and i for one love every fricking minute of it! There's a gunfight which includes footage from Adamson's earlier The Dynamite Brothers. Kicks and Ziggy fight it out but Ziggy falls on a spike but manages to give Kicks the finger before he dies. --Mark Banville

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