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  • Five black 'nam vets, wearing pillowcases as masks, rob a mafia run betting shop to finance their B.A.G. (Black Action Group). The mob kill B.A.G. leader Scott Gunn (Jefferson) and dump his body outside Gunn's Place, Scott' brothers club . Big Jim Brown (who seems to whisper throughout this movie) is the brother in question with vengeance a priority. The mob pay B.A.G. an unwelcome visit and have a shoot out as required. Head mafioso Capelli (Landau) is sweating blood over missing laundering books stolen with the cash. He sends his right hand rough boy Ray (Glover) to sort things out. Gunn spots Ray at the racetrack and follows him back to his pad where he literally bounces the poor dude all over the place, escaping with a torn shirt as the cops turn up. Gunn and the B.A.G. brothers go to a dockside warehouse where Capelli and his men are packing heroin in truck tyres for shipment. Five mafia chumps kung-fu Gunn in the chops and take a blow torch to his arm but he's AOK . More shoot outs follow, Capelli gets burnt alive and Gunn is the only brother left standing as the credits roll. --Mark Banville
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