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  • No Laura Gemser in this Emanuelle film. Instead we get another beauty, Sharon Lesley playing the title role. The story follows Emanuelle who is undergoing psychiatric treatment. The opening will definitely grab your attention. The entire film is based around Emanuelle's delusional mind. She has strange incestuous fantasies with her father, who she thinks is an alcoholic hobo that plays the trumpet when hes actually a well groomed classy jazz piano player. She also has S&M fantasies, lesbian flings (with a fellow mental patient who's very hot!) and theres even some playful body painting in there. Thats pretty much the whole plot of the film. The enjoyment is experiencing the erotic sequences Emanuelle takes part in. The film itself is directed nicely, the cinematography looks great and the acting is very good. Grindhouse erotica fans will surely enjoy! - Pete
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