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  • Keir Dullea worked only for a week on this film, never meeting Margot Kidder and barely meeting John Saxon, but the film is edited in such a way that he appears to be present throughout.
  • The role of Mrs. Mac was offered to Bette Davis
  • The role of Peter was originally offered to Malcolm McDowell, but he turned it down.
  • The role of Lieutenant Fuller was originally supposed to be played by Edmond O'Brien, but due to failing health he had to be replaced. John Saxon was brought in at the last minute.
  • Gilda Radner was offered the role of Phyllis Carlson. She was attached, but dropped out one month before filming began owing to "Saturday Night Live" (1975) commitments.
  • When NBC showed the film during prime time (under the title "Stranger in the House"), it was deemed 'too scary' for network television and was pulled off the air.
  • Body Count: 7
  • Around 1986, Olivia Hussey met producers for the film Roxanne (1987), who were interested in casting her for the title role, co-star Steve Martin met her and said "Oh my God Olivia, you were in one of my all time favorite films", thinking it was her classical performance in the phenomenal Romeo and Juliet (1968), Olivia was surprised to find out it was indeed Black Christmas (1974), Martin claimed he had seen it over 20 times.
  • According to director Bob Clark about five people were responsible for voicing the frightening phone calls, including Clark, actor Nick Mancuso and an unnamed actress.
  • "Billy" is mainly embodied by camera operator Albert J. Dunk, who not only did the POV shots from the killer's perspective, but also played him during a few of the murders. Nick Mancuso, the main voice actor as "Billy", was not on set. Both director Bob Clark and Keir Dullea confirmed that Dullea at no point contributed to "Billy".
  • After seeing the ending of the film, studio executives asked director Bob Clark to change the ending. The proposed idea was to have the cops leaving Jess alone with Chris, Claire's boyfriend. She wakes up and he says, "Agnes, don't tell them what we did." Then he kills her. However, Clark refused and insisted that the ending be ambiguous.
  • Remade as Black Christmas (2006).
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