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This movie should be called Deja Vu, sex scene, talking, sex scene Etc (The movie even starts over in the end to the beginning) but it was good anyway. The sex scenes were pretty steamy. The sex scenes don't look simulated but some of the chicks have really ugly faces (two of them). There's also an incest scene and a beastiality scene where a chick gets fucked by a goat. There's a great scene were a you think a man is gonna get his head chopped off, but noooo! they stick a sword into his ass instead, making him vomit his own fucking blood!! AWESOME! The movie starts out with a pretty good sex scene and someone dies from woodoo doll curse needle pointing crap. Before the movie starts over there's a big orgy scene that pretty much sucked, along with other things in that scene (Know what I mean?) I can't really say anything about the music, cause I can't fucking remember it, what does that tell you? There's a jump in the film I think everybody's gonna enjoy (The screen goes black, the screen becomes out of focus and jumps out of frame then to come back in normal framing. --Bad Max

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