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  • The year is 1953. A young shoeshine boy named Tommy Gibbs (Omer Jeffrey) takes his first steps into the organized crime business. While a gangster gets his shoes shined, Tommy grabs onto his leg to prevent the man from getting away. Another gangster shows up, pulls out a gun and shoots him. A bit later, young Gibbs goes to bring a dirty cop his pay off. McKinney (the cop in question) is racist and hits Gibbs so hard he ends up with a broken leg in the hospital. He vows to rise from the bottom to the top and set things straight. Many years later, Tommy Gibbs (now played by Fred Williamson) returns to Harlem seeking retribution. He puts a foot into the crime business and gets dirt on McKinney, securely keeping the corrupt cop under his thumb. "He's paid the cost to be the boss" or so says James Brown's legendary score. This film is one of the best in the blaxploitation genre and Fred Williamson truly is a "Bad Mutha." Don't forget to check out the movie soundtrack, it's top notch. -- GBS
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