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  • This picture never had a regular theatrical run. The showing on 16 April 1977 in Los Angeles was a sneak preview, and another sneak was held the next night on 17 April 1977 at the Admiral Theatre in Omaha, Nebraska. The North Central Edition of Boxoffice Magazine, dated 2 May 1977 had an article about the Omaha showing.
  • Husband and wife Tom Laughlin and Delores Taylor kept the mail-bags brought into the Senate at the finale as souvenirs. They used them for duffel-bags on skiing trips. The bags were confiscated by airport officials when they protested that the bags were property of the U.S. Mail (the bags were created for the sole purpose of the film).
  • The Senate had to be recreated because the film crew was denied the right to film in the real Senate chambers. As filming progressed, Laughlin found it increasingly difficult to film in Washington, D.C. They were wrongly accused of desecrating grave-sites in Arlington Cemetery.
  • Suzanne Somers originally had a more extensive part in this film. It was cut prior to the film's release.
  • The sequel was "The Return Of Billy Jack" (1985) an unfinished film, some of which was shot in Central Park.
  • The last film Kent Smith worked on.
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