Beyond the Valley of the Dolls/Soundtrack

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1. Main Title Sequence/Beyond The Valley Of The Dolls - The Sandpipers 2. Find It 3. Come With The Gentle People (1st Version) 4. Dinner Party 5. Girl From The City - The Strawberry Alarm Clock 6. I'm Comin' Home - The Strawberry Alarm Clock 7. Ampersand (&) 8. Sweet Talking Candyman (1st Version) 9. In The Long Run 10. Back Stage 11. Hang Cool Teddybear! 12. Late Night Visit 13. Look On Up At The Bottom (1st Version) 14. Find It - Lynn Carey 15. Randy Throws In The Towel 16. I Need You So Very Much/Checkmate 17. Let The Games Begin! (Excerpt From 'The Sorcerer's Apprentice') - Dukas 18. Methinks You Remind Me Of Certain Things...19. I Am Superwoman 20. Murder On The Beach

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