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In my opinion “Beyond the Darkness” is easily the greatest work in the career of Italian filmmaker Joe D’Amato, especially as far his work in horror goes. D’Amato basically was a go to guy in the Italian filmmaking business because he would always work if he was being paid. Not only that but if you look for the name Aristide Massaccesi in Italian movie credits you’ll notice it turning up quite a bit. That’s actually D’Amato working under his real name and he’s the cinematographer in many of these films. But “Beyond the Darkness” is his magnum opus as it’s honestly a dark, creepy film that honestly is under appreciated because of his previous reputation. It also sports a highly contagious score by possibly the greatest band ever to score movies, Goblin. Regardless if you are a fan of D’Amato’s work or not this one honestly deserves some attention and is definitely worth a watch. --Ed Demko

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