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  • It was described by David DeCoteau as "one of the very few family-oriented B movies to come out of the Philippines." This was due to star Patrick Wayne's insistence that the film be a family movie. Producer John Ashley said that the original intention was for the lead characters to discover the people living underwater, and "for the most part they were going to be topless". However Larry Woolner, the head of Dimension Pictures, thought that they had the chance to make a slightly more ambitious film. They wanted to cast Wayne, and one of his requirements was that the film be made PG.
  • The budget, variously estimated at $200,000 or $250,000, was higher than usual for movies shot in the Philippines at the time due to the use of underwater photography. Producer John Ashley admitted that the movie was meant to be a ripoff of The Treasure of Sierra Madre, but he had high hopes for it because he liked the script so much.
  • At one stage, producer John Ashley was going to direct it, but the production end of it got so spread out that attempting to produce, direct and appear in it would be really difficult.
  • The film did not do well financially, something John Ashley chiefly attributed to the PG rating. "Had we done it a little harder it probably would have done better," said Ashley later. "At least we'd have had a picture that was a little more exploitable." He also thought that the extensive underwater footage slowed down the action, saying, "It's gorgeous. But watching it is like watching slow motion."
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