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  • In an interview in Fangoria magazine, screenwriter Anthony Harris stated that a good portion of the filmed material was improvised on the set and that the script was ignored.
  • The enormous success of The Blob (1958) led producer Jack H. Harris to try to do a sequel, but the project had been shelved for many years. Larry Hagman, who owned the beach house next door to Harris, mentioned that he had never seen the original The Blob (1958). Harris showed Hagman his personal 16mm print of the film. Hagman showed such interest in doing a sequel that Harris resurrected the project. Hagman wound up directing this sequel and doing a small role in it as well.
  • The film Godfrey Cambridge is watching on his TV when attacked by the Blob is The Blob (1958). The audio-only tracks are from the film within the film, Dementia (1955), aka "Daughter of Horror", from which stock footage is used in the theater sequences in "The Blob".
  • Contemporary Christian music pioneers Randy Stonehill and Larry Norman have bit roles in the film. Norman included a cross necklace as part of his wardrobe.
  • After the famous "Who Shot JR?" storyline on CBS' Dallas, the film was reissued with the tagline, "The film That J.R. Shot!"
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