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  • When Duane checks into the Hotel Broslin he takes out a wad of cash. According to Frank Henenlotter, the film's director, this was the film's entire budget.
  • To try to make the film appeal to a comedy crowd, the original distributor cut all the gore scenes out of the film. They were eventually put back in and re-released in theaters with the subtitle "The Full Uncut Version!"
  • Most of the credits that appear on the end of the film are fake. The crew was very small and rather then repeat the same names over and over again they decided to just make up names.
  • The Bar scenes were shot in a S&M club in Manhattan which is now know as "The Hellfire Club". The bar was so big that they also used it as the Bradley's basement and the crew had to hide all the sex toys including a large swing (which is still in the club to this day). The original buzz saw used to kill Duane and Belial's father used to hang above the door of the club until it was eventually stolen.
  • The Hotel Broslin doesn't actually exist, and the main lobby parts were filmed in a propped-open service elevator on Franklin Street, which is in the Tribeca section of New York. The scene at the end where Duane and Belial are hanging from the Hotel Broslin sign was actually filmed on an exterior building Downtown on Hubert Street, which is near Franklin Street. All the interior shots were done at several other locations, which were mainly friends' houses, etc.
  • During the shooting of Terri Susan Smith's death scene the crew became offended and walked out of the production. This would happen again during the director's next film Brain Damage (1988).
  • The original ending included Belial walking around Manhattan. But the director and crew soon realized that they did not have the budget or technical requirements to pull off such a scene. Instead Frank Henenlotter wrote the scene with Duane streaking through New York. He called Kevin Van Hentenryck to get his approval. Kevin loved the idea and it was shot the next night.
  • Duane's streaking scene was shot without permits on a cold winter's night. To shoot the scene the crew would first clear the sidewalks of any objects that might hurt Kevin Van Hentenryck if he stepped on them. Then he was let of out a heated van on one side of the block and met on the other side by another heated van. Once picked up the van would drive him to another block. This was repeated until they got the desired amount of shots
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