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When several trappers in a small backwoods Florida town start disappearing, it is up to local sheriff Steve Benton (Ken Clark) and his assistant Nan (Jan Shepard) to discover what has happened to them. At first they believe that one couple has disappeared because a shop owner named Cal (Michael Emmett) was upset after finding his bombshell girlfriend cheating on him, but they soon discover that there is something much more sinister at work in the Florida swamps. As it turns out, fallout from the nearby Cape Canaveral has mutated leeches residing in the swamp and the vicious creatures are seeking to drain every last bit of blood from the inhabitants of the small town. Produced by uber-producer Roger Corman, Attack of the Giant Leeches is easily one of his worst films. Slow to a fault and filled with pointless characters, lame plot development, laughable costumes (the leeches look like people in sleeping bags with giant suction cups glued to them), and throw-away scenes, this is probably one of the hardest films I have ever had to sit through. What makes it all worse is the fact that this film was the main feature of one of the better episodes of "Mystery Science Theater 3000", so I know there is a much more enjoyable version of this film floating around out there. The guys that used to pick films for "MST3K" usually chose their bad movies for a good reason (because most of them were REALLY bad!), and Giant Leeches is definitely one of the worst they had to chose from. -- Pockets of Sanity

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